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Summer of 2021 revisited

Published:   2022-02-27  |   Updated:   2022-03-01

In September 2021 our family ended our first summer season and our first three months of renting Villa Burra. We want to share our impressions, to put our thoughts and feelings into words and to once again introduce ourselves to our future guests.

We finished renovating a building that now stands as Villa Burra in late spring of 2021. We equipped it with everything we’d like to have for ourselves on vacations, or in everyday life for that matter. That means we have more kitchen appliances in our apartment than in our home, basic groceries, cosmetics, and many other small things that we surprised our guests with.

Being absolute beginners in renting business and tourism in general, we have had our fears and lot of question marks before the season. It was impossible to stay completely immune to the “well-intentioned” advice about “horrible” tourists that leave apartments trashed, complain about every single thing and people being sorry they started renting at all.

Taking all that into account and being aware that we are beginners in this industry, we are not exactly kids. Also, we have travelled some on our own, enough to use our life experience and have our own vision and opinions. We had a clear idea that we were going to welcome all our guests as they were family or friends. Also we were going to help them find their way around in the best possible way, so they would feel like at home. In our mind, that was the proper way to create relationships and to treat people as people and not as business.

Although some would think us living in the same building was an obstacle, we were determined to turn it into our advantage. Our guests had all the privacy they needed, as we shared only the parking lot. But, we were on hand if our guests needed advice, repairs, or if we just wanted to treat them to some home-made meal out of our kitchen. Sometimes, our guests would prepare meals characteristic for their own countries for us. We shared our favorite beaches, restaurants, supermarkets, everything one could need for smooth day to day operations.

At the end of the summer, without pretending to be smartasses, we are happy to conclude that our vision when starting this endeavor was confirmed. We treated every guest with respect, tried to get to know them and the expectations they had of their vacations and then helped them to enjoy their time as much as possible. Our guests were respectful towards our property, we met really nice people and we feel there was a mutual “feel good factor” with everyone that visited Villa Burra.

We are certain this wasn’t our isolated effort, or beginner’s enthusiasm. We will continue with the idea of making our guests feel as comfortable as we would like to feel when visiting an unknown place. For sure, there will be similar excitement from our side when we make our guests feel good. That was, is, and will be our basic guiding principle and we are certain all of our guests will feel it in Villa Burra.